New Year New You

I’m only officially starting my new year today, soo Happy New Year!! [insert confetti and champagne pops here] Why so late on my entry to the new year you ask? Well I spent my New Year’s Eve at my beau’s family’s house, and let me tell you, Puerto Ricans can party. I’ve learned that my friend Andre’ is a backstabbing jerk and he took away my January first new-year-freshness (andre is a cheap champagne not a terrible person). I also wasn’t sure what i wanted to make my resolution and i was so busy i had no time to figure it out. Then i had a ton of random things to do and it was a pretty poopie beginning of a new year, so, today it is!

As usual everyone’s making their fancy resolutions that it’s likely they’ll never see through the first week let alone an entire year (I bet you guiltily looked away from the screen) Well this year I’ve decided on two things that are particularly important about my New Year.

1. GOALS people not resolutions.
2. Being my best self is not going to be accomplished by only losing weight or only saving money.

A resolution, by definition, is a solution to a problem. This is impractical because to say i want to lose weight, my resolution is to drop five pounds, when in fact the resolution or “solution” to being overweight would be to eat healthier and workout instead of just saying I want to lose weight now! Instead we should be setting goals, which is something to work towards changing and break them down into resolutions. I was reading another blog in the wee hours of the morning and came across the author pointing out the difference between goals and resolutions and it struck me, that’s brilliant! [however i found it via stumble upon and by morning had no idea what it was called so i cannot link in that article, sorry..]
The other important epiphany I had was that to be my best self in the new year i have to aspire to reach well-rounded goals! Like most people it can be really easy to say “I’m going to lose weight, save money, and move out this year!” then forget about one or all of them and go back to normal life because let’s be honest that’s a lot to put on your plate on the first day of 365! So this year I have decided that I will make a list of 12 well-rounded goals i want to reach for 2014 (y2k14 for you hoodrats out there) and then split them up amongst the 12 months. This way i can dedicate an entire month to change one habit (after all it takes 21 days for something to become a habit, why not 31 for extra practice?) and then once it’s second nature, or at least almost, I can move on to improve on something else!

So now you must be wondering, ok Jessie we get it you have too much time to think. so what are your resolutions er, goals anyway?
I’ve made a list with each month, followed by each month’s tasks or a routine for me to begin to accomplish my goal!


While each of these might not seem too obvious these are all the goals I came up with before deciding to do it monthly because i couldn’t just pick one and I thought doing them all at once was going to be too hard to maintain. This doesn’t mean I can’t try to incorporate all of these into every day, it just makes it easier to manage. Each month I’ll write a post on each monthly goal, how I’m going to accomplish it, and at the end of each month I’ll recap how it went!

What are your goals for the new year? How do you hope to accomplish them?