Dreams Do Come True

20140108_130851Hello again! I took a short hiatus to enjoy the holidays with my family and friends, and I cannot believe how well my christmas went. Remember that ridiculous list of things i wanted? Well, you’d never believe it but i got a lot of the things on that list! For starters, I have a wonderful beau who surprised me with, wait for it.. the tiffany’s necklace i was dying for! We’re planning a trip to the city to pick it up since it wasn’t in stock anywhere in our area, but I can’t complain because now we get a whole day together out of it! Second my sister, who i gave the wallet i was dying for, got me a longchamp! Cannot wait to use it this week at work! If you remember i was dying over a necklace, but instead i my mom, er santa, put a different one in my stocking from francesca’s. I used to really hate that store because i bought an expensive-ish bag from them and the strap broke a week later in the middle of a crisis [breakdown, emotional breakdown, 5 mile hike, and almost hypothermia at 4am] so needless to say i had negative associations, however this necklace has restored my faith. I also got a pair of Ralph Lauren riding boots, (similar) that i am going to waterproof as soon as this dreary weather clears up! If you remember the Warby Parkers i wanted so badly, i did not in fact get them for Christmas.. Instead i got paid the week after christmas and decided to treat myself because I’m blind and work on computers all day so they were really a necessity.. right?
Because it’s better to give than to receive (and boy did i receive) I also made sure i got my family and beau some awesome gifts! For my father, the new Chrome Cast which I’m going to review I think, and the Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. We’re losers and are totally still into that stuff ūüôā For my mother I purchased and will install a new backsplash in our kitchen! For my sisters i got both a Michael Kors wallet, the red one from my last post and a metallic one that i had accused of being gaudy previously but i actually didn’t hate in person. I got my Mister a lot of clothes, and an Xbox One. Most expensive christmas gift purchase ever. I had been saving up since they announced it but still a ton of money to drop. Totally worth it, i honestly do enjoy finding people the perfect gift more than getting gifts myself. I’m a cheese ball..

All in all i had a pretty fantastic Christmas and most of my dreams came true! How about you?


I’m Dreaming of One Expensive Christmas..

This year was being asked what I wanted for Christmas, and i had tons of ideas, but they were certainly out of the question.. See I do this thing, where i really really like something, then look at the price tag.. and it’s always super expensive… I guess you could call it “expensive taste” if you want to put it nicely. Of course im not going to ask anyone to spend so much on me so i put together a wishlist that i can start saving up for! Each item can be found by clicking it’s picture! ¬†Enjoy my dream Christmas list because I’m pretty sure no one can afford to get me all this stuff.. unless you know, you want to ūüôā


Marc Jacobs Baker Watch

Talk about perfection.¬†This watch is probably third on my list of things i want most. I’m one of those losers who wears a watch to tell time, and not just as an accessory. I swear the days i forget to put on my watch are the days I need it most. I’m just that lucky.¬†I am crazy about the color of this watch for sure and the simple face is just to die for. I’d also settle for the maroon, who am i kidding I’d do anything for any color! Take it from me that leather strap is just as soft and smooth as it looks. I know this because I once creepily stroked it in the store.. i may or may not have channeled my inner Golem. (my¬†preciousss….)¬†

If i haven’t completely scared you away yet:¬†Get it at Bloomingdale’s for $175



Looking for chic glasses? Warby Parker has them. They’re great quality, styles, and price! Bonus: they send 5 at a time to you free to try on! I’ve tried on dozens, but this pair is no doubt, the one.. These are Crane in sugar maple.

Get any pair of opticals at Warby Parker for $95


Mademoiselle Necklace Necklace - BaubleBar

The statement necklace craze is one of my favorite new trends, however, i do not own a single one. Tragedy i know. People either love them or hate them but i for one am a huge fan. I know what you’re thinking, ¬†“Jessie this is actually pretty affordable”¬†but¬†it’s the Christmas season and that pretty much means i cant even afford a pack of gum.. ($2.50 in Manhattan. Ridiculous.) I love this vintage vibe and wide arrangement, almost like a bib necklace but less bulk. I like it in the black the most because it is more eye catching. and will really be a focal point to any outfit.

Find this piece at Bauble Bar for $48




I cant think of a single girl working in Manhattan who didn’t once have and love a Longchamp. oh right except for me. These bags are literally everywhere. And for good reason! they carry everything everywhere and look so cute doing it. I’m crazy about this color “Slate” and i have had my eye on this for quite some time.. It’s not even super expensive i just feel terrible spending so much on myself. gosh I’m so selfless. hahaha jokes. I’m just broke.

You can find this at Nordstrom for $115



Tiffany&Co Pearl PendantOk so by now you must know that this really¬†is a¬†dream¬†list if Tiffany’s is on it.. I have always always always wanted a single pearl pendant necklace. They’re just so classy and simple (yes, i know, it’s a major contrast to the statement necklace my taste is, umm.. “dynamic”..) and this one from Tiffany & Co. is just right in every way. There’s just enough detail in the setting to make it unique, at the same time it’s simple enough to wear with¬†anything. I sound like a cheesy salesman (maybe i missed my calling) but I could seriously gush about it for days. I would buy it for myself if it didn’t feel totally like something your S.O. should buy you.¬†BUT¬†if anyone wants to buy me this i would love you forever and bake you tons of cookies. Don’t be shy guys..

You can get this beauty at Tiffany & Co. for $250

(c’mon my cookies and eternal love are totally worth that)


Nine West- Corral BootiesI know the perfect shoes can make an outfit but I’m not really the kind of person who spends a ton of money on shoes. In fact the only name brand shoes i do buy i get at Marshall’s (aka fantasy land) and get a really good deal on them. I have a few good staples and stick to them. These shoes from Nine West are exactly what I’m trying to find at my price point. I’ve seen similar pairs in Marshall’s but haven’t gotten any yet because they either haven’t been exactly right, my size, or a price i can handle. Fingers crossed.

Get them on sale at Nine West for $90 (normally $129)



Pea coats are perfect. JCrew is perfect. Naturally JCrew Made the perfect pea coat. I have a really nice Calvin Klein one now (costco. yes. costco.) but its just too big, and a pea coat that fits right can make you look polished and so well put together even if you’re wearing your favorite old t-shirt. (You know the one with the little holes and the stains that will never come out? No not you? Liar.) This is definitely a dream item because i cant ever see myself buying (affording) one any time soon. Until then..

This too can be yours for a mere $298



Michael Kors Saffiano Continental Wallet

I’m not really a fan of Michael Kors. To me they’re kinda gaudy (suspect¬†A)¬†But my¬†sister, is a huge fan. On Black Friday and I saw this on sale¬†50% off¬† and ¬†loved it. So much i bought it! Then i saw my sister had the same one bookmarked eight times and she made a budget to save up for it.¬†There was no way i couldn’t give it to her ¬†knowing how much she loved it and wanted it. So its a Christmas gift! (Shh!)¬†¬†Besides, when she gets a new one I’ll just claim it as a hand-me-down ūüôā

To get this just go to Macy’s and snag it 25% off for a limited time at $110 (normally $148)


So these round up the top of my Christmas wishlist. I probably could have made this list go on forever but that’s not really much fun.. Pretty depressing actually.. Well I’m going to go sell a kidney now (jokes jokes) If there’s anything you think i had to have missed and totally belongs at the top let me know!

What did you put on your dream Christmas list this year, (Or if you want to buy me lots of presents ) Comment below! 


Just for the record i am in no ¬†way affiliated with any of these companies and all of my opinions are strictly mine and i received nothing to put them in this post. But I’m sure you knew that already considering this is my second post.