Dreams Do Come True

20140108_130851Hello again! I took a short hiatus to enjoy the holidays with my family and friends, and I cannot believe how well my christmas went. Remember that ridiculous list of things i wanted? Well, you’d never believe it but i got a lot of the things on that list! For starters, I have a wonderful beau who surprised me with, wait for it.. the tiffany’s necklace i was dying for! We’re planning a trip to the city to pick it up since it wasn’t in stock anywhere in our area, but I can’t complain because now we get a whole day together out of it! Second my sister, who i gave the wallet i was dying for, got me a longchamp! Cannot wait to use it this week at work! If you remember i was dying over a necklace, but instead i my mom, er santa, put a different one in my stocking from francesca’s. I used to really hate that store because i bought an expensive-ish bag from them and the strap broke a week later in the middle of a crisis [breakdown, emotional breakdown, 5 mile hike, and almost hypothermia at 4am] so needless to say i had negative associations, however this necklace has restored my faith. I also got a pair of Ralph Lauren riding boots, (similar) that i am going to waterproof as soon as this dreary weather clears up! If you remember the Warby Parkers i wanted so badly, i did not in fact get them for Christmas.. Instead i got paid the week after christmas and decided to treat myself because I’m blind and work on computers all day so they were really a necessity.. right?
Because it’s better to give than to receive (and boy did i receive) I also made sure i got my family and beau some awesome gifts! For my father, the new Chrome Cast which I’m going to review I think, and the Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. We’re losers and are totally still into that stuff 🙂 For my mother I purchased and will install a new backsplash in our kitchen! For my sisters i got both a Michael Kors wallet, the red one from my last post and a metallic one that i had accused of being gaudy previously but i actually didn’t hate in person. I got my Mister a lot of clothes, and an Xbox One. Most expensive christmas gift purchase ever. I had been saving up since they announced it but still a ton of money to drop. Totally worth it, i honestly do enjoy finding people the perfect gift more than getting gifts myself. I’m a cheese ball..

All in all i had a pretty fantastic Christmas and most of my dreams came true! How about you?


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