Post Zero

I’ve always wondered how it must feel to have no readers on your blog, but i guess at some point everyone’s gotta go through it right? So here’s to my post zero, the post before anyone has read my blog! So, since im free to talk about whatever i want I’ll tell you guys just a little bit about myself and what I’ll be posting about! HI I’m Jessie Wolfe! I’m an architecture student (so please excuse any misspelling or grammatical errors i make, these are things that happen since i never sleep) a perfectionist, might have a slight dose of OCD.. but really I’m just a down to earth gal! I love DIY and organization, big and small projects, so you’ll be seeing quite a few of those posts! Avid for fashion, baking, decorating, and of course design! I’ve never written a blog before so I’m kinda intimidated,.. As an avid reader of blogs, I started getting the itch to start my own. I’ve got nothing to lose, so here goes nothing!

Feel free to post a comment, tell me what kind of posts you’d like to see when you visit my den!


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